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Secondary Program (6th-8th Grade)


Secondary Pic


There are many benefits to choosing an independent school option for your child. Students in LVIS are able to learn at their own pace, and gain confidence, responsibility, and invaluable time management skills. Supported by a California credentialed teacher, students are guided through our district-adopted curriculum.

All middle and high school students take courses at their own pace through APEX Learning, FUEL Education, and UC Scout. These three platforms are statewide and National leaders in affording students an alternative education. All courses for high school students University of California A-G approved.

Students engage with LVIS in the following ways in secondary:

  • Bi-Weekly Check-ins:

    • Students are assigned a mentor teacher who serves as a case manager and support for the family.

    • Mentor teachers meet with their students in-person or virtually for at least one hour every two weeks. 


  • Daily Self-Paced Instruction:

    • Students take courses online from a California credentialed teacher at their own pace from anywhere in the world.

    • All courses are A-G approved.